Banarsi lal fish

We at Banarsi Lal fish are here to provide great fish and seafood products with a guarantee of freshness and sustainability in our products. This guarantee and assurance of our quality has not come in an instant. It has come over a great experience of practicing, enhancing and expanding this trade over a considerable amount of time. We have come this far with by keeping the tradition of great products and dedicated personal services.

Customer Satisfaction 100%
Quality 100%
Trust 100%

Our Products

The quality of our products has set it’s own standard in the fish supply industry. We work hard to maintain these standards by keeping a regular check on our supply. These all fishes are extracted from the North India’s largest wetland – Hari-ke-Patan which ensures us of the quality. Our products are supplied all over the state of Punjab. 

Our Clients

Our focus on quality of our products, has earned us a reputed and dignified clientele. Ensuring them the freshest and best tasting fish is our main objective. We have been supplying seafood and fish products to over 90% hospitalities in the city of Amritsar. We appreciate the trust our clients have put in us and we’ll continue to provide them with quality products.

Ankit Traders c/o Banarsi Lal & Sons

After having a firm hold on the fish supply business we have decided to expand ourselves to the processed fish business. We are the official supplier of “Fish N Fish” products in the region of Punjab and Jammu. Through the brand “Fish N Fish” we aim to supply fresh,boneless packaged fish fillet to various wholesale and retail outlets.